Here's why Joe 'You Lie' Wilson was one of just four Republicans present to honor Nancy Pelosi
Joe Wilson (

WASHINGTON — Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina was one of just four GOP officials on the House floor while Speaker Nancy Pelosi was announcing that she would retire from her leadership position.

Pelosi had indicated that she wanted to leave years ago so she could spend more time with her grandchildren. Major political events kept getting in the way, however. According to MSNBC reporters speaking to Andrea Mitchell this afternoon following Pelosi's speech, Donald Trump's rise was one of the many barriers to her partial retirement. After her husband was attacked by a right-wing activist, however, many suspected she would step down, if not announce it would be her final term in office.

While on the floor for the Pledge of Allegiance, Wilson told Raw Story he learned of the speech not long before Pelosi's speech.

"It's part of history and I have respect for the Speaker and I've traveled with her across Africa and Europe," said Wilson. "So she and Paul [and] my wife, Roxanne and I consider [ourselves] friends. But we can disagree. I don't think we knew that this was coming."

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He went on to say that he thinks after his infamous "YOU LIE!" moment with President Barack Obama, it became "water under the bridge."

"We can respect each other," Wilson said. "And I respect the Speaker. Godspeed. Godspeed, Nancy Pelosi, as I concluded."