Watch: Raw Story Editor-in-Chief Dave Levinthal details investigative reporting plans on C-SPAN
Raw Story's Dave Levinthal (C-SPAN screenshot)

Editor-in-Chief Dave Levinthal this week detailed Raw Story's plans for the newsroom's investigative reporting — and dug into a pair of new investigations already published.

"In 2023, we want to expand and we want to increasingly do incisive, enterprising, original investigative journalism," Levinthal told host Bill Scanlan on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal".

Such reporting "will not just be telling you about things that are in the news environment right now, but also, uncovering lots of news that you do not know and are not going to be finding in any other publication."

Levinthal, a Washington, D.C.-based investigative editor and reporter, joined Raw Story in January along with Executive Editor Adam Nichols, previously the managing editor of Patch.

Also joining the staff in recent days are Night Editor Mary Papenfuss and writer Gideon Rubin.

In recent weeks, Raw Story has broken stories that have made national news. They include:

Watch the C-SPAN interview below.