WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene rants to CNN reporter about 'traitor' Liz Cheney and 'self-absorbed jerks' in Congress
Marjorie Taylor Greene outside the Capitol. (screen shot/CNN)

Marjorie Taylor Greene called Liz Cheney a "traitor" and other members of Congress "self-absorbed jerks" in the wake of the House's vote to hold Trump confidante Steve Bannon in contempt for defying a subpoena from the Select Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

Rep. Greene, R-Georgia, made the comments to CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who caught up with her outside the Capitol and asked about a confrontation she had with Rep. Cheney, R-Wyoming, on the House floor immediately after the vote.

"What about that confrontation with Congresswoman Cheney, why did that happen?" Acosta said.

"She's a traitor," Greene responded.

"She's a traitor? How can you say that?" Acosta said.

"It's pretty easy," Greene responded, as she was walking away.

Acosta reported Saturday that he caught up with Greene a second time and asked her about the rationale behind her vote against holding Bannon in contempt.

"The rationale behind my vote is I'm not self-absorbed like the rest of these jerks here in Congress," Greene said. "They're all ignoring inflation, people can hardly buy food, gas has gone up—"

"Why call them jerks?" Acosta interjected.

"Because they're self-absorbed. All they care about is Congress. They don't care about the American people—"

"There was an attack on the Capitol—" Acosta interjected again.

"All you want to talk about is your Trump Derangement System, and all you want to talk about is Jan. 6 where there's a riot here," Greene responded.

"Why are you protecting Steve Bannon?" Acosta said.

"Because I care about American people," Greene responded.

At that point, Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions interrupted the interview, asking Greene, "You doing OK? Let's get out of here."

"But not Steve Bannon," Acosta said to Greene, referring to her previous comment.

"What about all the people who are rotting in jail?" Greene responded as she was escorted away by Sessions, apparently referring to detained Capitol rioters. "Why don't you worry about them?"

Watch below.

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Liz Cheney a traitor