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The conversation over the racist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory has grown since the man accused of the Buffalo mass shooting mentioned it over 20 times in his 180-page manifesto.

Speaking briefly about it on Wednesday, co-hosts of "The View" debated whether Democrats should be willing to point to Republicans and more specifically Fox hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham for promoting the theory.

Sunny Hostin noted that she fumbled her words on Tuesday trying to explain what the theory was, but she still gets caught up in the confusing logic. The demographics are shifting, but that doesn't mean that white people are being taken away, like they're thrown down a well, never to be seen again.

"My question is, when white people are saying they're afraid of being replaced, let's say it's true," Hostin said.

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"It's not true," Whoopi Goldberg cut in.

"But let's say it's true," Hostin replied.

"But it's not!" Goldberg shot back. "Don't say it's true!"

"What are you afraid of? What is this fear?" Hostin asked.

"The fear is they're not going to be in the country," said Goldberg.

"But that's not going to happen," said Hostin.

"That's the case! No one is replacing anybody!" said Goldberg.

Sara Haines explained it's a fear that white people will no longer be the majority.

"So, if white people are not the majority, what's going to happen," Hostin asked.

"It doesn't — none of it makes any sense. Get over it! You are not being replaced. — you have to stick to this country just like the rest of us and we got to fix it," Goldberg said. "Also, and again, if you can send me proof that you have been replaced or ten people you know have been replaced by me or any of the black and brown or the Jewish people that you know who have actively been replaced, you have to explain where they went — Okay?"

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