Nicolle Wallace: The politics of appeasement aren’t working for Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy (Photo via Shutterstock)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace cited the World War 2 political tactic of appeasement when referencing Kevin McCarthy and the state of the contemporary Republican Party.

On Wednesday, Wallace noted that she spent the holiday vacation in Europe and did a Winston Churchill tour that made her face the similarities between the Republican Party and those in Europe that thought they could appease the Nazis to avoid a war. It didn't work then, and Wallace explained it hasn't worked for the far-right fringe of the Republican Party.

In this case, Wallace explained that the inability to have a functioning government is a main part of what the fringe members are against. She even went so far as to call them "anarchists."

"So the bet was always to appease. I was in Europe, and I went on a Winston Churchill tour, so I'm awash in the politics of appeasement and how catastrophic they were for humanity, how ill-fated they were from the first moment," she explained. "And so to watch the politics of appeasement come full circle, and right now all the power lies in the hands of the 20 insurrectionists. I mean five of them I think sought pardons. You know better than me no one seeks a pardon if they committed a crime in their own mind. It's to get you out of criminal prosecution. So the notion that they hold all the power in the Republican Party is not an incident to be covered as a crisis. It is the natural extension of standing by Donald Trump after all the flagrant and blatant corruption and criminality that happened before the Republican Party's eyes, and they did nothing."

On Thursday she went on to say, that she woke up heartened when she saw stories that there was a breakthrough. "He gave away everything. The next speaker will be impotent. I thought, well at least this will end. Is it clear everyone wants the same thing? Does everyone wants this to end?"

Garrett Haake reported from Capitol Hill that he's not certain that's the case for all parties involved. With a House split the way it is, everyone could be a "Joe Manchin," he explained.

"There's no resolution. There's no way to fix this," said Wallace.

Colleague Alicia Menendez agreed, there really is no solution.

"I stopped asking this question, 'is this the thing that changes everything?' And yet, because I'm so desperate to see forward movement, I do often wonder is something an inflection point," Menendez continued. "Is this point where you say we have no clear theory of governance, no legislative agenda, let's at least get together and find something that is not in the next two years beyond that. We can use it as our Northstar so we can explain who we are. But right now they have nothing to coalesce around."

"The history of the catastrophic consequences of appeasement has been written by historians much smarter than me but I know enough to know it didn't work and Kevin McCarthy has spent eight years appeasing the most vile elements of the Republican Party," said Wallace.

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