GOP ex-election official slams Marjorie Taylor Greene — and Trump for enabling her
Photo: Screen capture

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," former Georgia voting systems implementation manager Gabriel Sterling weighed in on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — the QAnon-aligned congresswoman who called for Democrats to be executed and harassed a school shooting survivor, and who was this week given an Education Committee assignment by the House GOP.

"I'm curious as you speak, as a lifelong Republican who's disgusted by this stuff as a lot of Republicans are, why do you think party leaders are kowtowing to this, are scared of people like people like Congresswoman Greene and QAnon?" asked anchor Erin Burnett.

"The reality is Trump, and this strong base and populace that they have, can hurt the party," said Sterling, who gained national attention for a viral tirade against Trump's election conspiracy theories during the Georgia counting.

"One side can't win without the other in this country," said Sterling. "For years, there's always been sort of governing group, a populous group, and they interchange sometimes what they focus on. You can't win one without the other. There's far-left looney tunes people that are part of the Democratic Party with different conspiracy theories who are part of that coalition, too. This particular one is being led by a former president of the United States. And I think presidents, and I've said this numerous times, should be held to a higher standard and should be more conscious of the things they say that can undermine democracy.

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