Republicans ridiculed for addressing media threats to Yahoo CEO who left in 2017
Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (AFP)

This week, House GOP leaders threatened that they would obstruct any effort to obtain the phone records of Republican officials who may have been involved in the Jan. 6 attack. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) drew criticism and accusations that his efforts to block the subpoenas were an obstruction of justice, while others asked what he had to hide.

But there was one piece of the formal threats that are drawing mockery even days after. McCarthy and 11 other GOP leaders joined in sending letters to media heads so they would have a written threat. One of those letters was addressed to the President and CEO of Yahoo. At least, she was the CEO four years ago.

It was major news that Marissa Mayer was leaving Yahoo at the time, in part because there are so few female CEOs. You can see the comments below: