Many Republicans think Doug Mastriano is 'a threat to democracy' and secretly 'pray Dems win': Ex-Ted Cruz aide

Republicans in Pennsylvania have expressed fears that Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano has no shot in this November's general election.

Now, a former aide to Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) campaign is revealing that Republicans secretly hope that Democrats will win.

Writing for the Bulwark, Amanda Carpenter argued that "Mastriano is an insurrectionist" and that the GOP knows it.

"Behind the scenes, Republicans have fretted about Mastriano’s candidacy," Carpenter wrote. "Phrases such as 'nightmare' and 'total disaster' are frequently used to describe him. He is so off-the-wall that even Donald Trump, who has gone as far as endorsing an insurance commissioner in hopes of racking up wins, stayed out of the race, unwilling to put his finger on the scale until the very last minute. But because Mastriano gained such a strong grassroots following by whipping up the God, guns, and #StopTheSteal base, Trump had no choice. Mastriano boxed in Trump on MAGA. In the final days of Pennsylvania’s GOP gubernatorial primary, Trump said he was 'obligated' to endorse Mastriano.

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The problem that the GOP now faces is that Mastriano could throw future presidential elections into chaos by refusing to certify results that favor Democratic candidates.

"So here’s the big question," she continued, "now that Mastriano has easily won the Republican nomination, who else will feel similarly 'obligated?' Good Republicans always have to support the Republican nominees. Big Elephant Mascot Thingy Says So."

Commenting further on Twitter, Carpenter claimed that many Republicans "will look you in the face, tell you Mastriano is an awful threat to democracy, and do absolutely nothing to stop him," even as they secretly "pray Dems win."

Read Carpenter's piece at The Bulwark.