Chuck Todd claims Jan. 6 committee is ‘surrendering’ by subpoenaing GOP congressmen
Chuck Todd speaking at the Desert Vista Community Center in 2015. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Soon-to-be former MSNBC host Chuck Todd on Thursday reported on the subpoenas of Republican elected officials thought to have been involved in events surrounding the Jan. 6 attack. According to Todd, the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol is "surrendering."

"This feels like a bit of surrendering in this respect here there is no other way they think they're going to get cooperation, so they figure, 'let's try to subpoena route,' because I feel like everybody explained to me that they thought the subpoena route was actually delayed their ability to do the investigation and perhaps run out the clock if control of the House of Representatives changes," said Todd.

The Republican lawmakers facing subpoenas aren't likely to cooperate and most have attacked the committee.

"So is this an acknowledgment that there is really -- they know they're not going to get cooperation, so they're just going to make this hurt?" he went on to ask.

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Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner explained in one of his analyses that defying a congressional subpoena could garner a contempt citation from Congress, but the more important point is that denying a congressional subpoena could be part of the evidence the Justice Department includes in any possible cases to a grand jury.

After the text messages of the members were exposed, Kirschner also said that this was a precursor to a subpoena.

"They're not going to cooperate," he predicted. "They are all preparing to become members of the cover-up club together with the likes of Bannon, Navarro, Scavino and others."

A similar claim about the Republican subpoenas was made by legal analyst Marcy Wheeler, who said that it would provide a backdrop for a Justice Department criminal referral. "These subpoenas won't end up in testimony (except for maybe someone like McCarthy). But they'll provide Jan6 Committee a nice vehicle to provide a criminal referral to DOJ," she tweeted.

See the Todd video below or at this link.

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