'Come on...': Rick Scott whines at CNN's Bash after she calls out his lies about Medicare cuts
Dana Bash, Rick Scott (CNN screenshots)

A CNN "State of the Union" interview went briefly off the rails on Sunday morning when host Dana Bash and Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) loudly talked over each other after he claimed Democrats cut Medicare benefits -- and she kept telling him that wasn't true.

It concluded with an exasperated Scott pleading with the CNN host, saying, "Come on. Alright, I mean..."

"Democrats say that one of your proposals which would sunset all federal legislation after five years jeopardizes Medicare and Social Security," Bash prompted him. "You have previously said that those programs need to be preserved, reformed and protected. So just a simple yes or no: do Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security?"

"Absolutely not," the Florida Republican shot back. "And, you know, the Democrats just cut $280 billion -- all Democrats in the Senate and House voted to cut $280 billion out of Medicare just two months ago. And then they want to say Republicans want to cut something, Democrats have done this."

"Senator..." Bash attempted but he talked over her, exclaiming, "Joe Biden when he was senator said he wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. I believe we got to preserve them and make sure we keep them. What I want to do is make sure we live within our means and make sure we preserve those programs. People have paid into them, they believe in them, I believe them. I’m going to fight like hell to make sure we preserve Medicare and Social Security."

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"Just want to correct the record," the CNN host finally interjected. "The Democrat's plan, which is now law, it did not cut Medicare benefits. It allowed for negotiation for prescription drug prices which would ultimately bring down the price and the cost for Medicare consumers."

"But I want to ask the next question, which is about raising the eligibility…' she added but he cut in again and excitedly stated, "We just finished that, though! They cut 280, Dana, they cut $280 billion out of Medicare. That means we’re going to have fewer lifesaving drugs. It cut $280 billion out of Medicare. They can't say what it did."

"It did not cut benefits…' Bash stated and was then cut off by Scott once more who said, "It will reduce life-saving drugs."

"It didn’t. It did not cut," she attempted again as he insisted, "You cut $280 billion out of Medicare, something’s gonna happen."

Getting nowhere, Bash replied, "Good. Okay, all right."

Watch below or at the link:

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