Roger Stone allies are ruthlessly trying to sink a Trump endorsed candidate in Florida: report

Right-wing provocateurs allied with Donald Trump are trying to sink one of his hand-picked congressional candidates in Florida, according to a new report by The Daily Beast.

"Anna Paulina Luna is a great fighter who is running for Congress in Florida. She is an Air Force veteran who puts America First, unlike her RINO opponents," Trump wrote in a September statement emailed to reporters.

"This is an important race because it is 'key' to taking back the House. Anna is a warrior, she is a winner, and it's time for all America First Republicans to unite behind her strong campaign," Trump urged.

But that message has failed to convince some of Trump's most passionate supporters in the race to replace Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), who is running for governor.

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"Crist's exit has set off a primary scramble among Republican aspirants that has featured allegations of a murder plot, an expulsion from a conservative conference, and now an overly aggressive dog," The Beast reported.

The dog incident refers to an incident at a fishing tournament when a service dog belonging to Luna's husband, Andrew Gamberzky, allegedly bit a 9-year-old boy. The Belgian Malinois, named Gunner, allegedly bit the boy severely enough that a responding police officer reported seeing what he thought was fat tissue in the wound.

"Stone's allies seized on the dog bite," The Beast reported. "In a post about the dog bite on social media app Telegram, Stone protégée Laura Loomer dubbed Luna 'Anna Paulina Lunatic.' 'She needs to put her dog on a leash,' Loomer wrote. 'They say people are a lot like their animals, and in this case, Anna and her dog are both CRAZY AND OUT OF CONTROL. Those b*tches both need to HEEL.'"

Stone told the publication he was "cordially" declining to comment on why he is a critic of the Trump endorsed candidate.

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"The campaign attacks over the dog bite are just the latest bizarre twist in the race, which kicked off in June when Luna filed for a restraining order against rival candidate William Braddock, claiming he wanted to murder her. Luna's case was bolstered when a Luna associate recorded Braddock in a strange exchange, discussing sending a 'Russian and Ukrainian hit squad' to 'disappear' Luna. Braddock hasn't been criminally charged in the case," The Beast reported.

Braddock dropped out of the race, but Stone friend Matt Tito said he is "likely" to enter the race.

Another Stone ally, Jacob Engels, said he expected Trump to reconsider the endorsement.

"As more comes to light about Anna Paulina Luna, I think President Trump will realize she is not the standard-bearer for the America First movement that she has falsely claimed to be," Engels told The Beast.

Here is the video Stone posted of him dressed as Luna: