Investigators want evidence Roger Stone created 'line of communication' from White House to extremists: Former prosecutor
Republican operative Roger Stone (Facebook)

On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former federal prosecutor Elie Honig responded to CNN's newly-obtained clips from the House January 6 Committee of longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone's activity in the months before January 6, likely to be aired at the committee's next hearing on Wednesday.

The new clip, obtained by Danish filmmakers in the weeks before the attack, shows Stone predicting Trump would plot to stay in power in the event of an election loss, and even a moment where he said, “F**k the voting, let’s get right to the violence. Shoot to kill, see an antifa, shoot to kill. F**k ’em. Done with this bullsh*t.” He immediately said he was joking.

"How revealing do you think that clip is which we just saw on tape from that Roger Stone documentary?" asked anchor Alex Marquardt. "What does it tell us?"

"This is one of the big remaining unanswered questions from the Jan. 6 Committee," said Honig. "They've answered a heck of a lot of questions, but one of the big ones that we don't know the answer to is was there a direct line of communication from the White House to some of these extremist groups."

Roger Stone, argued Honig, is the key to figuring out whether that sort of link existed.

"A lot of people have focused on Roger Stone because he has known connections to Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, and seen with those members leading up and on January 6," said Honig. "But we don't know if there was a line of communication established through Roger Stone, and that is a big focus on Wednesday."

Watch the video below or at the link here:

Elie Honig on whether Roger Stone established "line" from White House to extremists