'QAnon Queen' trashes RV rented from unsuspecting family -- leaving it full of sardines

A Canadian couple rented their RV to a woman who then gave it to so-called "QAnon Queen" Romana Didulo, who later abandoned it badly damaged and needing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Mike and Vicki LeBlanc rented the motor home to a woman they met on Facebook and then discovered it was being used by Didulo, whom they'd never heard of before, and they began following her journey in their vehicle on Telegram, and a payment dispute broke out when the RV's tires needed replacement, reported Vice.

“Honestly, if we knew who we were renting to,” Vicki LeBlanc said. “We never would have done it."

The group had remained in contact with the LeBlancs during their cross-country journey, but Didulo directed a harassment campaign against the family when the payment dispute erupted over the tires, and the couple threatened to report the RV stolen if it wasn't returned.

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The RCMP was unable to help, but the couple got a text in early November notifying them their vehicle had been left at a gas station a couple hours away from their Manitoba home, but they found it in deplorable condition.

“Truthfully, I couldn’t even drive behind it because it sat at such an unlevel angle on the road. It was just so frustrating I couldn't even watch it,” LeBlanc said. “I had to drive in front of (the RV) on the way home because I was like, I can't look at this for two hours.”

In addition to the damaged suspension, the slide extender that opens up the RV's living space is also broken, along with side-view mirrors and smaller items inside the vehicle, which they aren't even sure will be worth repairing once all the damage is itemized.

“They just left it in a mess," Leblanc said. "They didn't bother to clean out their food or the garbage or some of their supplies,” Leblanc said. “The slide is completely damaged. It can't be opened or closed. There are issues with suspension.”

“Inside there was like food everywhere," she added. "I think there was a sleeping bag they left behind. They left their sardines, naturally.”

Meanwhile, Didulo is raising money to buy the $62,000 RV she's currently using to spread her QAnon conspiracies across Canada.

“I don't even know at the end of the day if it's worth pursuing," Leblanc said. "Like legal action through small claims court or if it's better just to cut our losses and stop wasting our time. I see on the weekend, she raised thousands to pay for her RV that she is riding in. Maybe she could share the wealth and pay for some of the damages for everybody else's RV.”