'Obnoxious and nasty' DeSantis isn't winning voters outside GOP base: MSNBC's Donny Deutsch
Gov. Ron DeSantis (Photo via Saul Loeb for AFP)

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won't look as appealing to voters as some Republicans think.

The Florida Republican is widely seen as Donald Trump's strongest challenger for the GOP nomination, but the "Morning Joe" contributor said his personality flaws are just too glaring to win over voters outside the conservative base.

"What a joyless character Ron DeSantis is, what a dour, sour, nasty, mean and, if you go back in history through every election, usually ... the candidate you want to have a beer with versus the other one is the one who wins," Deutsch said. "The one you want to have a cup of coffee, the one you want to invite to your living room -- this is a very obnoxious, nasty, as you used the word, cruel man."

"Policies aside, overall persona, to give an example of this guy as the entire country is worried this weekend about banks going under, his answer was, let me attack, let's get the libs out there and say, the reason the bank got into trouble is they were paying too much attention to woke issues," Deutsch added. "That's insanity. You have average Americans worried about banks and getting their money, you'll say, the reason this happened is because of wokeness? That doesn't work. People have a B.S. detector, and I think ... as this campaign starts to get heated up and as people see more and more of Ron DeSantis, they'll see that cruel is a losing formula."

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