‘What a dope!’ Morning Joe unloads on Ron DeSantis for punishing prosecutor for stating his beliefs
Joe Scarborough (Screen cap via MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough dumped on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for suspending an elected prosecutor who vowed not to enforce laws against abortion.

The Republican governor removed Hillsborough County state attorney Andrew Warren from office after he signed letters pledging he would not enforce laws prohibiting gender-affirming care for minors or laws limiting abortion, and the "Morning Joe" host blasted him as an authoritarian.

"This is crazy stuff," Scarborough said. "Two things can be true at the same time. You can be attacked by rational people in the media, [and] at the same time, you can do something that's very bad for the state of Florida, very bad for American democracy and, ultimately -- hold on, wait for it, because you aren't getting it -- I keep warning you, Republicans, let me tell you, as well, it can be bad for American democracy and bad for your own future political careers. This is the sort of -- I really want to say the word, I won't say it -- this is the sort of stuff that always circles back around and gets you in voting booths. Good luck with that."

Warren described his removal as a "blatant violation" of democratic elections, and Scarborough said DeSantis was endangering his own political ambitions.

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"What a dope," Scarborough said. "Ron DeSantis is such a dope. He didn't even wait for any action to take place, and he is doing the same thing that these freaks and insurrectionists and weirdos are doing, that are putting the lives of 10-year-old girls who have been raped at risk, who are saying that uncle that raped 14-year-old girls, that is a perfect example of why they have to force the 14-year-old to have the baby. They're playing -- I used to say for the 33 percent, now, we're down to, like, 20 percent."

"Ron DeSantis is doing all of of this crazy stuff in a state that, not so long ago, was a swing state, and he is doing it hurting Florida, going to war with Mickey Mouse, going to war with the Tampa Bay Rays, going to war with the voters of the state of Florida, nullifying their votes for a guy who has been elected twice now, all to appeal to, like, 20 percent of Americans who may be voting in Republican primaries in presidential elections," he added. "It's crazy."

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