'Everybody knows he's lying': Morning Joe shreds Ron Johnson's defense after he's snared in Trump's conspiracy
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and conservative attorney George Conway aren't buying Sen. Ron Johnson's excuses about his participation in a conspiracy to deliver fake electors to vice president Mike Pence.

The Wisconsin Republican was implicated in Donald Trump's scheme to overturn his election loss during Tuesday's hearing of the House select committee, and Johnson responded to reporters afterward by pretending to be on his phone and then blaming his involvement on staffers.

"Oh, I mean, this is just hysterical, I mean, he's clearly covering up," Conway said. "He's clearly not telling the truth here. But this whole fake elector thing, I mean, it's -- it really is highlighting the fact that this is, you know, criminal fraudulent conspiracy to create false documentation and you have -- you can't hand out counterfeit bills to people saying, well, the bank made a mistake, so this would be real money if the bank hadn't made a mistake. This is exactly the same thing, and the evidence yesterday showed it, Ronna Romney McDaniel's testimony showed. He was all in on the fake elector scheme which involved fraudulent, false documentation. It doesn't matter if he reads that somehow he did or should have won and has all sorts of facts that he claims he should have won."

"He was conspiring to commit -- to throw in false documents," Conway added, "and it's sort of interesting, too, because you have Rudy [Giuliani] saying, we've got all of these legal theories, but no evidence, and then you have a judge out in California, Judge [David] Carter saying this was a coup in search of legal theory. Well, they had coups in search of legal theories that didn't have evidence. I mean, it is absolutely a complete sham. You know if this doesn't show fraudulent intent of these co-conspirators all the way up to Donald Trump I don't know what does."

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Johnson claims that an unspecified House intern gave his office an envelope containing fraudulent elector documents and asked his staff to pass it along to Pence on Jan. 6, 2021, but Scarborough -- a former Republican member of the House -- said that explanation strains credibility.

"I think it goes without saying that nobody that ever worked with me would have ever done that on a single vote, certainly would have never passed anything to anybody in leadership, in the House leadership or the Senate leadership, without passing it by me first," Scarborough said. "It just -- it doesn't work that way. I would have people saying, 'Oh, Joe, you're supposed to be so conservative, and yet, you have moderate Republicans and Democrats on your staff, and I go, 'They don't vote, I do.' They go, 'Oh, they're going to impose' -- what are you talking about?"

"Ron Johnson knows that," he added. "Yes, every member -- by the way, you bring up a great point here. I know that's a lie because I served as one of 435 in the little House, but in the House of Lords this definitely never happens, right, and it certainly wouldn't happen with somebody that's been in office for as long as Ron Johnson's been in office. It will never happen that way, so everybody on the Hill, including other Republicans, knows he's lying."

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