Latest Jan. 6 hearings expose 'inherent tension in MAGA land': George Conway
Donald Trump wearing a red 'Make America Great Again' at a political rally in Arizona, photo by Gage Skidmore.

George Conway said testimony from Arizona's deeply conservative House speaker Rusty Bowers exposed the "inherent tension" in Donald Trump's MAGA movement.

The conservative attorney, whose wife served in Trump's administration until almost the very end, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he was moved by Bowers' testimony about the former president's effort to overturn his election loss, but he said it also gave some insight into the true believers and crooks that make up the MAGA coalition.

"It is incredibly compelling, and it highlights the inherent tension that existed in MAGA land for the last six years," Conway said. "You have some people who are very deeply value-driven people, deeply religious people who somehow, you know, fell into following along with Donald Trump, either projecting positive qualities on it or deceiving themselves. Here, this man recognized that what Donald Trump was asking him to do was outright fraud and he was not going to accept that."

"He was not going to rationalize it, he was not going to be silent to it, he was not going to accede to it in any way, because fundamentally, you know, it struck this core being," Conway added, "it struck his core morality, and I hope this resonates with more Republicans who -- you know, who go to church every week and tell their children to be honest and to tell the truth and to do the right thing, and that's not what Donald Trump is all about. He's the opposite."

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