Giuliani’s son says search warrant even worse than being made fun of on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Andrew Giuliani, the former Trump administration official, continued to be the public face of his father's legal defense after FBI agents served a search warrant on the former New York City mayor.

On Wednesday, Andrew Giuliani held a combative press conference outside of Rudy Giuliani's apartment building.

Andrew Giuliani, who is considering running for governor of New York, followed up with an appearance on Newsmax, where he attacked the judge who signed the search warrant for his father's electronic devices.

He then tried whataboutism about Hunter Biden.

"I mean, tell me, what is going on here?" he asked. "Is this America anymore?"

He then addressed former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer.

"You and I have been made fun of on 'Saturday Night Live,' this is nothing -- that's nothing compared to this," Andrew Giuliani explained.