Rudy Giuliani kept promising Trump the Supreme Court would ride to his rescue and keep him in office
Rudy Giuliani

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday morning with host John Berman, author Michael Wolff disclosed that attorney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani spent a great deal of time after the election drinking heavily while advising Donald Trump that his election fraud court cases losses were nothing to worry about because the Supreme Court would bail him out.

"So one of the former president's obsessions over the election and life seems to be how the Supreme Court wasn't there for him after the election," host Berman prompted. "He seems to think that the justices that he nominated owed it to them, particularly Brett Kavanaugh -- he says he feels betrayed."

"It is a very clear quid pro quo," Wolff replied. "He put them on the court, he defended them, therefore it is their obligation to defend him. And, indeed, throughout the election challenges, Giuliani would say to the president, as they lost court case after court case after court case, Giuliani would say, well it doesn't matter because we're going to get to the Supreme Court."

"He would even say it's good we lost this case, we get to the Supreme Court faster, and of course the Supreme Court will decide for us. They are in our pocket," he added.

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