Rudy Giuliani loses his top communications aide as 'legal bills mount': report
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Embattled former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has lost a key staff member as he faces the twin threats of a federal criminal investigation and a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit.

The Daily Beast reports that Christianné Allen, a right-wing operative who has been Giuliani's top communications aide since 2019, has abruptly stepped down from her position.

Although Allen says she has not yet been contacted by any federal investigators, the Daily Beast notes that the timing of her resignation is ominous for Giuliani.

"Her resignation comes at a stressful time for Giuliani, who earlier this year laid off other staff under financial pressure from mounting legal bills," the publication writes. "The former mayor must now navigate a PR team shake-up while fighting on several fronts, including civil suits related to his election challenges and a federal investigation into his alleged foreign influence work."

The publication also reports that former President Donald Trump has "all but abandoned" Giuliani, whose actions led to Trump being impeached two separate times in the House of Representatives.

Allen, for her part, said she was grateful to start her career working for the former New York mayor.

"As I reflect, I am proud of the accomplishments we achieved. One of which was building Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense podcast from conception to one of the top political podcasts in the country in under a year," she said. "Looking forward, I once again feel blessed to have the opportunity for continued growth and development within a rising tech startup."