Rudy Giuliani's fake electors scheme was 'nothing short of a coup': CNN

According to two of the CNN reporters who broke the story that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and campaign officials working for Donald Trump were behind a plot to create a false set of electors in order to steal the 2020 president election, the efforts had all the hallmarks of a coup.

Speaking with CNN's Chris Cillizza, Marshall Cohen and Zachary Cohen followed up on their report where they revealed "Trump and some of his top advisers publicly encouraged the 'alternate electors' scheme in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico. But behind the scenes, Giuliani and Trump campaign officials actively choreographed the process."

"After various election fraud lawsuits in these states failed, Giuliani and his team shifted their focus to January 6. The idea, as outlined in a memo written by conservative lawyer John Eastman, was for then-Vice President Mike Pence to throw out President Joe Biden's electors and replace them with the GOP electors on January 6 when Congress counted the electoral votes," they explained to Cillizza before adding, "This, in theory, would give Trump more electoral votes than Biden and allow him to maintain his grip on power."

Admitting that they did not turn up any evidence that Trump himself was involved, the Cohens pointed out, "But we do know that on a zoomed-out level, Trump publicly supported and encouraged the scheme. There are a few examples of Trump advocating for state legislatures in many of these battleground states to overturn their election results, by recognizing the legitimacy of the pro-Trump electors."

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Pressed for the significance of their endeavors, the two journalists replied, "the Trump campaign tried to exploit the Electoral College process to undo Biden's victory. More than 13 million Americans voted for Biden in those states. Trump got millions of votes too, but not enough to beat Biden. So Biden was entitled to the 84 electoral votes from these seven states. Remember, 84 electoral votes is a big deal. You only need 270 to win."

"Team Trump attempted to usurp that Electoral College process and, quite literally, steal the election in those states," they asserted before adding, "Nullifying elections, in this fashion, is nothing short of an attempted coup."

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