Trump aides kept Rudy Giuliani away from debate prep by giving him wrong time for meetings: book
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Aides to former President Donald Trump were reportedly so desperate to keep Rudy Giuliani out of debate preparation sessions that they resorted to using crude deception and subterfuge.

Business Insider has obtained a copy of the new book "I Alone Can Fix It" by Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonig, which details the Trump presidency's disastrous final year that saw him lose the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

According to Business Insider, Trump allies Chris Christie and Kellyanne Conway were deeply wary of Giuliani's approach to debating with then-candidate Biden, and did not want him influencing Trump ahead of the all-important first debate.

After Giuliani blundered his way through one debate prep session that aides described to the authors as "supremely unhelpful," a decision was made to keep Giuliani out of the next session no matter how much he begged to help.

"Aides told Giuliani they would be gathering at 2:00 p.m., though they were scheduled to start at noon," the authors report. "They had tricked Giuliani by giving him the wrong time."

The reporting tracks with reporting from reporter Michael Wolff, who claimed that no campaign officials wanted Giuliani at the debate prep sessions in part because he "passed gas constantly."