Ukraine investigation will determine if Rudy Giuliani is a criminal — or just a 'dupe': ex-prosecutor
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

On CNN Thursday, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig discussed the implications of the new Eastern District of New York probe into Ukraine, and in particular politician Andrii Derkach, for potentially trying to influence the 2020 election — an effort Trump associate Rudy Giuliani was reportedly close to, although he is not currently a criminal target of the investigation.

"Elie, why would it be that Rudy's not in trouble but the Ukrainian guy is?" asked anchor Chris Cuomo.

"It's a great question, Chris," said Honig, "and it comes down to what did Rudy know, because if Rudy knew that the Ukrainians were trying to funnel false information to influence our election, he is part of the crime. If he did not know, then he's a dupe. There's good news and bad news for Rudy Giuliani. The good news is he's reportedly not a subject of the Eastern Districts of New York's investigation. They don't believe he's somebody likely to have criminal liability. I have seen that change. I have seen people go from non-subject to subject and sometimes target. It's all going to depend on how their investigation proceeds."

Honig added that while the Southern District and Eastern District don't always "play nicely" together and get into "turf wars," the Eastern District could ultimately uncover info in the course of their investigation that would prove the Foreign Agents Registration Act violations the Southern District is looking into — which would be just as bad for Giuliani as if the Eastern District had prosecuted him directly.

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Elie Honig discusses implications of EDNY Ukraine probe for Rudy Giuliani