Russia demonstrates the 'absolute opposite' of competence in latest war effort: CNN military analyst

Ret. U.S. Army Maj. Mike Lyons on Thursday told CNN that a recent Russian attempt to show off its military prowess has massively backfired.

While discussing Russia's attempt to seize control of parts of eastern Ukraine, Lyons zeroed in on a propaganda video put out by the Russian defense ministry that shows a strike against Ukrainian howitzers in the Donbas region.

"You look at this video, it is supposed to show Russian competence, it shows the absolute opposite," he said. "If you start it from the beginning here, this is a drone attacking an M777 howitzer here, coming in from the west here. That is not the right way to attack that. They could have attacked that, trucks on the other side. This -- the howitzers are retreating into a troop line here, where, again, according to the Russian propaganda film, that they were attacked."

However, Lyons pointed out that the propaganda film was deceptively edited together to make it appear that the retreating howitzers ran right into a Russian ambush, when the reality is that footage was "stitched together" with other war footage.

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"The bottom line is, what they're showing... trying to show they're attacking these systems, they really aren't," Lyons concluded.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Russia's latest military moves are 'the absolute opposite' of competence: military analyst