'Very suspicious': Secret Service expert questions use of texts on Jan 6th instead of agents using radios
Donald Trump and Secret Service agent -- (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Appearing on CNN on Monday morning, the co-author of a book on what it is like to be a Secret Service agent found Secret Service agents using texts during the Jan 6th insurrection -- instead of their radios -- to be highly "suspicious."

Speaking with host John Berman, Jeffrey Robinson, who co-wrote "Standing Next to History: An Agent's Life Inside the Secret Service," claimed the entire story that the texts from Jan 5 and 6th were accidentally erased was not credible and suggested a cover-up by the Secret Service.

"Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) says it's quite crazy that anything would be deleted. How crazy do you think?" host John Berman prompted.

"It's criminal," the author immediately shot back. "First of all, you have to understand something, and you've been in the business long enough to know that when you do any sort of investigative journalism there are two pillars, first is there is no such thing as a coincidence and the second thing is everybody lies. That explains the Secret Service response."

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"Also, emails and texts do not get erased," he continued. "You may take them off of your phone, you may take them off of some server, but they exist somewhere out in cyberspace. So if the Secret Service cannot find them, cannot turn them over or, more relevantly, is not willing to turn them over, the NSA [National Security Agency] can get them and the committee should turn immediately to the NSA to have everything."

"But there's something else at work here," he continued. "These are texts and emails. You've followed the president, you know that when the secret service goes out with the principal, the president, there may be 150, 200 agents at every stop along the way in advance of where he's going, where he's been, whatever. They are all on the earpiece in their ear and the microphone on their sleeve. That's radio traffic going around all the agents in real time and that's all recorded. Why would anybody send a text or an email unless they didn't want to be on radio traffic -- that's very suspicious."

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