'Sedition hunters' launch new online manhunt to find remaining uncharged Capitol rioters: report

On Monday, Bloomberg reported that groups of vigilante "sedition hunters" are now combing through the internet in effort to find remaining Capitol rioters who have not yet been identified and charged for the attack.

"After the Jan. 6 riots, the FBI saw a 750% increase in daily call and electronic tips to its main hotline and have brought charges against more than 400 rioters," reported Yacob Reyes at Axios. "While the online manhunt has assisted in the FBI's investigation, some have raised concerns that these internet vigilantes might share the personal information of innocent people, per Bloomberg. The effort of sedition hunters, as with previous online crowdsourcing initiatives, has had its share of misfires — with a retired Chicago firefighter being falsely accused, among others."

A number of Capitol rioters have already been identified due to their internet activity, helped along in part by the far-right social network Parler sharing info with the FBI on its users.

One Kansas City man was identified after boasting about scaling a wall on Facebook. Another bragged on Snapchat about having fought with riot police and then told his friends to "pray I don't get arrested."