Seth Meyers mocks Trump’s White House meeting that was 'too insane for Rudy Giuliani'

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers addressed the shocking revelations about the Axios report on the "craziest meeting of the Donald Trump presidency." Like the beginning of a bad joke, the report says, "four conspiracy theorists marched into the Oval Office."

Meyers read the report that Trump lawyer Sidney Powell "proposed declaring a national security emergency, granting her and her cabal top-secret security clearances and using the U.S. government to seize Dominion's voting machines."

"Hold on a minute, Sidney," a Trump aide interrupted. "You're part of the Rudy team, right? Is your theory that the Democrats got together and changed the rules, or is it that there was foreign interference in our election?"

"It's foreign interference," Powell said. "Rudy hasn't understood what this case is about until just now."

"Wow," Meyers said. "You know you're far gone when even Rudy hasn't caught up to your insanity yet. It's like being too abstract for Picasso. Although the idea that Rudy doesn't know what the case is about would not surprise me. I'm sure walking Tudy through a case is like watching 'Inception' with your grandpa."

"That's how insane this meeting was," said Meyers. "Too insane for Rudy Giuliani."

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne was also in the meeting. Given MyPillow's Mike Lindell was there, Meyers said that the only thing missing was the CEO of Hollywood Video and an old Samsung Galaxy on fire.

At one point, Byrne started yelling at a Trump aide saying that he was sabotaging Trump. The aide asked Byrne if he even knew who he was. "Yeah, you're Pat Cipollone!" Byrne exclaimed. "Wrong! Wrong, you idiot!"

"The best and the brightest folks," Meyers said, mocking Byrne. "These guys want everyone to have voter ID, but they don't even know the ID of the person they're talking to. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but if Rudy had been there for that part of the meeting, his presence would have actually raised the average IQ level. Though he probably would have also yelled, 'Do you know who I am?!' And sincerely meant the question."

See the video below:

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