New York's new governor shows up Trump with use of a Sharpie during a disaster
Donald Trump appears at briefing for Hurricane Dorian (Fox News/screen grab)

One of the most ridiculous episodes during the Trump administration was SharpieGate, when the leader of the free world was caught doctoring an official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map used in an Oval Office briefing.

Trump doctored the map Hurricane Dorian in 2019 to make it appear Trump was correct in warning Alabama about the storm. He was not.

"Trump's fixation on his erroneous Dorian warnings underscores a long history of defending inaccurate claims — from the crowd size at his inaugural address to false claims of voter fraud in 2016 to fictional 'unknown Middle Easterners' streaming across the southern border in migrant caravans," The Washington Post wrote at the time. "Trump, who canceled a trip to Poland to monitor the storm, was especially sensitive to the criticism he has received for misrepresenting the hurricane's path, according to current and former officials."

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, the former lieutenant governor who ascended to the office on August 24th following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, has been responding to deadly flooding following Hurricane Ada.

Twitter user Jake Webster posted a photo of Hochul's jacket, where the "Lt." preceding "governor" appeared to be drawn over by a Sharpie.

"This is what true financial responsibility looks like," he wrote.

"A sharpie used for accuracy amid a storm!" The Post's Josh Dawsey chimed in.