Sidney Powell compared herself to civil rights leaders ending segregation during Michigan hearing
Sidney Powell (Photo: Screen capture)

Former member of Donald Trump's legal team, Sidney Powell, issued a final statement at the close of the Michigan hearing that will decide whether she and Lin Wood are sanctioned by the court for their election lawsuit.

At issue is the question of whether Powell or Wood did the legal work necessary before filing their case that included 200 affidavits of people who claim they witnessed election irregularities. The irregularities were mostly from people who simply don't understand the process of tabulating an election.

While many of the accounts have been discredited or explained, the legal team, which referred to themselves as "The Kraken," didn't do their job to question the claims. Throughout the course of the six-hour court proceeding, the federal judge argued that the lawyers have a responsibility to present information that has been well researched, is truthful and accurate.

Powell closed with her statement comparing herself to a civil rights leader.

"It is the duty of lawyers of the highest tradition of the practice law to raise difficult and even unpopular issues. The fact that there may have been adverse precedent against us does not change that fact. Were that true, there would not have been a decision called Brown v. Board of Education. We have practiced law with the highest standards. We would file the same complaints again," said Powell.