'What does Kyrsten want?' CNN analyst questions Sinema's baffling political trajectory
Kyrsten Sinema (Photo by Brendan Smialowski for AFP)

Moments after CNN contributor Van Jones called Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) an "enigma" while speaking with the hosts of "CNN This Morning," he launched into a diatribe aimed at the former Arizona Democrat for being all over the place when it comes to her politics.

Speaking with host Jim Sciutto, the CNN analyst pointed out Sinema's central failure as a lawmaker.

"I wonder what effect that might have on the race here if you have a Democrat, Independent and Republican, how does that vote split up in 2024 in Arizona?" host Sciutto asked about Sinema's conversion to Independent after being elected as a Democrat.

"I mean, that's -- it's really -- she's correct, she says it's not about D.C., it's about Arizona," Jones explained. "It is about Arizona but it's about the politics on the ground in Arizona where she's been censured by her own party for not being willing to stand up against the filibuster on behalf of voting rights. She's somebody in hot water in her own party and she's got a serious challenger in [Rep.] Ruben Gallego (D-AZ). That is a big part of what's going on here."

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"We do have independents that caucus with Democrats -- that's not a problem," he elaborated. "You have Senators Angus King (ME), you have Bernie Sanders (VT) so that's not a problem. But the challenge has always been with her it's not her independence, it's not her bipartisanship, it's just her way of negotiating and dealing, she just won't tell you what she wants, she just tells you what she doesn't want and that made it very, very difficult in the past two years with the Biden administration to know how to handle it."

"You know [Sen.] Joe Manchin (D-WV) wants coal, you know Bernie wants taxing the rich. What does Kyrsten want? It's hard to know," he concluded.

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