White supremacist couple missing after truck found riddled by bullets and spattered with blood

A Missouri couple's truck was found out of state riddled with bullet holes and spattered with blood, and their family members say they were involved with dangerous white supremacists.

Stephen Walker, a 50-year-old with Aryan Brotherhood tattoos, and his 22-year-old wife Audrey Slack Walker left for Oklahoma in January and had been living in a hotel in Edmonds before they vanished, the woman's sister told KWTV-DT.

“He has a ton of racist tattoos, like he's a skinhead through and through,” said Audrey's sister Katelin.

She said the family was not thrilled by Audrey's marriage to the much older white supremacist, and Katelin said they got married in Las Vegas "on a whim," and family members have been caring for her 5-year-old daughter.

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“It's kind of rocked us a lot, we honestly just want her to come back," Katelin said. "We need her in our family and in our lives, there's no hard feelings and we just need to know she's alive."

The couple was last seen on Jan. 11, and their pickup truck was recently found with bullet holes, traces of blood and bleach stains, and Katelin said they are presumed dead.

“They asked for blood or saliva samples from my mom or my niece because they are looking for bodies at this point,” she said.