Steve Schmidt rains hell on the GOP 'liars and loons' behind the RNC 'purge'
Republican Steve Schmidt on MSNBC/Screenshot

Moments after the RNC announced that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) were officially censured, former Republican party campaign consultant Steve Schmidt took to Twitter to criticize the GOP for falling under the sway of "conspiracy theorists, liars, loons, and budding fascists."

With Republicans eating their own with an unprecedented due of a lack of fealty to 2020 presidential campaign loser Donald Trump, Schmidt raged at the party he walked away from by writing, "Purges are always part of an autocratic project where power is rooted in a cult of personality and favor is dispensed as a reward for obedience," to begin his eight-tweet diatribe.

"The Republican Party has become an organized conspiracy to take political power at seemingly any cost. All of this is occurring in broad daylight and yet the party that is doing it is on track to decisively win the midterm elections and take control of the House of Representatives, " he warned.

He later wrote, "The RNC declared the murderous 1/6 insurrection to be a peaceful citizens movement today. We all watched what happened. We saw the violence and have heard the screams from the violence and chaos," before adding, "The message that the RNC is sending today is that there is no room for dissent or truth in the cause of taking power. They are making clear that there will be punishment and retribution for the free thinkers and truth tellers."

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"What is happening in America is clear. The extremism is real. The intimations of violence are real. The conspiracy theories are real. The Propaganda is real. The hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths from misinformation and greed are real. All of it is," he continued before bluntly warning, "Time to wake up."

You can see his tweets below:

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