Stop the Steal organizer tried to stop the certification of Barack Obama in 2009 too: report
Capitol Insurrectionists (Shutterstock)

The Stop the Steal rally at the White House on Jan. 6 was organized, in part, by Women for America First, a pro-Donald Trump group started by Amy Kremer. Her daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, was the main organizer and signed off on the documents for the event.

In a piece by the New York Times Tuesday, it was revealed that the elder Kremer has a history of trying to stop a president she didn't like from being certified as the president.

"Barack Obama had just won the election by a popular-vote margin of more than 9.5 million," the report recalled. "The lawsuits Kremer alluded to were not about these votes but about Obama’s eligibility to run for the presidency in the first place. Several legal complaints filed in state and federal court (all of them dismissed) asserted that Obama was not born in the United States and was thus barred from seeking the presidency — a false claim that, as late as the end of Obama’s presidency, 41 percent of Republicans said they believed."

Kremer then became a prominent organizer in the so-called "tea party" and then helped organize the women's group supporting Trump.

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"I come from the Tea Party movement, and I’m asked all the time: What happened to the Tea Party?" Kremer told a rally crowd. "Well, we’re still here. We just grew and morphed into something bigger and better — the MAGA movement."

Kremer's daughter was the one who text messaged MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Jan. 4: "POTUS is going to have us march there/the Capitol... POTUS is going to just call for it 'unexpectedly.'" Phase 2 was for the group to them attack the Supreme Court because they refused to intervene and hand Trump the election.

One question that persists in the House Select Committee is how Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, Roger Stone, and the Kremers all knew that Donald Trump was going to go off script and announce that the group was going to march to the Capitol if it was unexpected.

"Kremer’s 'Stop the Steal' Facebook group acquired 320,000 members in its first 22 hours," the Times reported. "Facebook banned the group almost immediately when its planning for demonstrations in swing states was quickly subsumed in threats to kill liberals and calls for civil war. Women for America First took its organizing offline, planning a bus tour called the March for Trump that would culminate in a rally in Washington. One of its organizers was Dustin Stockton, a veteran activist Kremer met a decade before when they were both working on the Tea Party Express, an organization that toured the country by bus, rallying crowds on behalf of Tea Party candidates."

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Stockton said that he was using "a lot of the same people who organized our Tea Party rallies to organize the bus-tour rallies" for the Stop the Steal buses.

Their ranks were increased slightly by those who were furious over COVID-19 lockdowns and far-right evangelicals who promoted the conspiracy theory the lockdowns as anti-Christian efforts of secularists to kill Christians.

"Their rhetoric would carry over to Stop the Steal, which accused many of the same Democratic governors and state officials of rigging the election against Trump with the expansions of absentee voting during the pandemic," the Times explained.

The bus tours became known as a kind of foretold insurrection with local Republican politicians invoking violence and calling for the murder of liberals.

"I jokingly told some folks in the Tea Party, see, we’d solve every problem in this country if on the Fourth of July every conservative went and shot one liberal,” said Tea Party activist and county commissioner Bob Cavanaugh, who spoke to a crowd in December before the attack.

That violent rhetoric increased over the years with the encouragement of Trump. Former New Mexico county commissioner Couy Griffin, founder of Cowboys for Trump, warned at a Jan. 3 rally in Bowling Green, Kentucky.: “If we allow this election to be stolen from us, we will become a third-world country overnight. The elitist, gross, wicked, vile people that are in place will continue to wage war on America. Because there is a war, mind you. I promise you that."

In May of 2020, he told a rally crowd, “I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. I say that in the political sense."

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and attempt to overthrow the election hasn't delved into the details about who funded the trips to Washington and organized the attack on Congress to stop the election certification.

The FEC has referred several cases involving Amy Kremer to the Treasury Department for non-filing and other issues.

Read the full report on how the tea party became the MAGA party at the New York Times.