Stormy Daniels takes victory lap after Trump pens tirade about her on Truth Social
Stormy Daniels at the Grand Opening of "An Original Penguin" November 02, 2006 in Los Angeles, CA. (Shutterstock)

Adult film star Stormy Daniels on Tuesday took a victory lap after former President Donald Trump uncorked a tirade about being investigated for paying her hush money to keep quiet about their past sexual encounter.

In a post on his Truth Social account earlier in the day, Trump dismissed his interactions with Daniels as "VERY OLD and happened a long time ago."

Trump then proceeded to blame his decision to pay off Daniels on former "fixer" Michael Cohen, who went to jail after pleading guilty to helping facilitate an illegal campaign contribution in the form of payments to Daniels.

"I placed full Reliance on the JUDGEMENT AND ADVICE OF COUNCIL (sic), who I had every reason to believe had a license to practice law, was competent, and was able to appropriately provide solid legal services," Trump wrote of Cohen.

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Daniels reacted to Trump's statement by mocking him for seeming to acknowledge the validity of her allegations that he paid her hush money during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"Thanks for just admitting that I was telling the truth about EVERYTHING," she wrote. "Guess I'll take my 'horse face' back to bed now, Mr. former 'president'. Btw, that's the correct way to use quotation marks."

Trump infamously referred to Daniels as "horse face" after her allegations against him became public, to which Daniels responded by mocking the size of Trump's genitalia.