Indiana senator admits rape victims could be charged under abortion bill but not rapists
Indiana Senate

Indiana state Sen. Sue Glick (R) admitted on Tuesday that her anti-abortion legislation could result in the prosecution of alleged rape victims but not alleged rapists.

During a Senate committee debate on a bill to ban all abortion except in cases of rape or incest, Glick offered an amendment that would force rape victims to sign an affidavit before being allowed to have an abortion.

"Allegations are being made," she explained to Democratic Sen. Greg Taylor. "Under the bill as it stands right now, there is no requirement that there be charges of rape or incest filed. However, they are asking for an abortion under this bill. We're saying we want some documentation of what occurred that justifies an abortion."

Taylor wondered why there was not a provision to charge the alleged rapist in the amendment.

But Glick was focused on a possible prosecution of the alleged rape victim.

"Lying under oath is illegal," she stated.

"No, not [charges] to the victim of the rape or incest," Taylor clarified. "To the person who committed it."

"If they're lying and someone can prove that they're lying then there are repercussions," Glick remarked, referring to charges for the person seeking an abortion.

"But this doesn't lend itself to reporting to an authority that this person has been raped or victim of incest," Taylor explained. "There's nothing that requires the person to report this. And I'm asking why there is not that consideration in this amendment?"

"It's not required under this," Glick replied. "If you want to amend the amendment, I guess that's up to you."

The committee passed Glick's amendment by a 7-5 vote. The accompanying bill banning nearly all abortions was also later passed by the committee by another 7-5 vote.

Another amendment passed by the committee would give rape or incest victims over 16 years of age 8 weeks to request an abortion. Victims who are 16 years old and younger would have 12 weeks.

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