Right-wing pastor celebrates Club Q massacre as 'good thing' in hate-filled sermon
Sure Foundation Baptist Church

A Washington state pastor celebrated the mass shooting last weekend at an LGBTQ nightclub that left five people dead.

Aaron Thompson, of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, said the massacre was a "good thing" and falsely claimed the victims had been molesting children, although he walked that back moments later by saying their eyeballs had only been looking at children in an inappropriate way, reported Only Sky.

"Am I sad that five homos got shot?" Thompson said Tuesday in a sermon. "No, I’m not sad at all. As a matter of fact, I think it’s a good thing that they’re not here anymore to molest kids."

The gunman opened fire during a drag performance, which have become a target of conservative outrage, but the event at Club Q in Colorado Springs was not open to anyone younger than 18, unlike child-friendly "drag queen story hours" hosted by many libraries.

"I’m not condoning anybody to do anything like that," Thompson said. "I don’t believe it’s right to take the law into our own hands, and I’ve said that so many times. But here’s what I won’t be upset about: I’m not going to be upset when someone that hates God and actively is promoting against God, and hates His guts, and molests children, even if it is just their eyeballs, to have to see these freaks writhing around and, and, and, you know doing all these crazy dances in front of children and then afterwards reading them a book or something."

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified the church as a hate group, and a man who sometimes attended services there was charged with hate crimes in June for making unprovoked threats against LGBTQ people.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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