'Do whatever it takes!' Bellowing right-wing pastors demand army of 'angels' to capture Arizona election win
Right Wing Watch/Twitter

Hundreds of right-wing worshipers gathered at an Arizona megachurch to "take authority" over the state's election.

A coterie of right-wing activists, Christian nationalists and self-proclaimed "prophets" addressed the two-night closeout of the "Take Back America" tour at Dream City Church in Phoenix, where they prayed for God to send hordes of angels to deliver a "sweeping victory" in the state, according to Right Wing Watch.

"God we speak and declare over the United States of America, over this time that you have chosen of the midterm elections, in this time in our county, in this time in our nation," bellowed Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, as he spun around in a circle onstage. "Lord, as we turn, we see things shift, we see things turn to righteousness, we see things turn to justice, Lord, to truth, we see things turn back to a divine reset and a rebirthing of this nation once again."

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Another pastor called for action to prevent the election from being "stolen," calling to mind efforts by groups such as Clean Elections USA, whose members photographed election workers and voters in Maricopa County and prompting a witness intimidation complaint by the secretary of state's office to the Department of Justice.

"Lord, give us angelic hosts, many of them, to go to work for us -- send Michael, if you have to -- do whatever it takes to stop any cheating, any lying, anything that the enemy would do to steal this," said Dutch Sheets, author and founder of his eponymous ministry.