The Georgia home of Marjorie Taylor Greene has always been a hotbed of racism: report
History News Network

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Kali Holloway, the right-wing extremism and not-so-veiled racism of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) -- who is trying to pick up Donald Trump's mantle -- should come as no surprise if you look at her origins.

By that, Holloway means Forsythe County, a wealthy predominately white swath of Georgia that has a history steeped in unabashed racism where she grew up, before she ran for office in a district that Reuters describes as much more "blue-collar and rural."

According to the report, "Forsyth County today is nearly one-quarter Asian and Hispanic. But only 4 percent of its denizens are Black, in a state where one-third of the people are Black. The county was recently ranked one of the richest counties in Georgia, its grand houses and country clubs obscuring a history of Black bloodshed and standing on sites once occupied by Black churches and homes."

As the report notes, as recently as 1992, Black marchers celebrating the anniversary of the "Walk for Brotherhood" were met with throngs of locals screaming insults at them while holding signs that freely displayed the N-word.

Writing, "Forsyth County had maintained an unwritten whites-only policy dating to 1912, when white vigilantes lynched a black man and drove out nearly all of the African American residents. The county's reputation as too dangerous for Black folks to even drive through—a courthouse lawn sign in the 1950s and '60s warned "N---er, Don't Let the Sun Set on You" — was well earned," Holloway reveals that, "During the Jim Crow era, the county did not require signs delineating 'white' and 'colored' spaces, because there were no Black residents to keep separate."

Using the county's history as a springboard, the Beast's Hollway adds that Taylor Greene racist rhetoric is a byproduct of the environment she grew up in.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene's most outlandish quotes—about fire-starting Jewish space lasers and 9/11 fakery—have gotten endless pickup, perhaps because they make her seem like a newfangled breed of far-out crackpot." the report states. "But Greene's ideas about Black folks aren't innovative or creative, they're just garden-variety, old-school racism. Greene is, of course, a birther who has claimed Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. In a video unearthed this January, she claims that 'being in gangs and dealing drugs is what holds' Black and Hispanic men back, concluding 'it's not white people.' She once stated that there are 'white people that are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than Black people,' an assessment she probably considers a generous concession."

According to the report, it is likely that the 46-year-old Taylor Greene is well aware of Forsyth County's history of overt racism, before relocating "to a more winnable Georgia district for her 2020 congressional run, Greene lived in Alpharetta, a tony suburb of Atlanta under 20 miles south of Forsyth County."

"Since winning her election, Greene has continued to label Black Lives Matter a 'domestic terrorist' organization, and recently signed onto a bill that would ban BLM flags, which she labels 'hate America' banners, from being flown atop diplomatic outposts. Greene has been far less critical of the treasonous white supremacist terrorists that she egged on to attack the Capitol in early January during an attempted coup she referred to as a '1776 moment,'" the report adds.

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