'They're trying to scare us away': Texas couple gets ominous threat for publicly supporting Beto O'Rourke
Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke speaks with reporters after finishing a five-kilometer race (AFP Photo/STEPHEN MATUREN)

A Texas couple received an ominous letter they believe was an attempt at voter intimidation.

Andrew and Olivia, a pair of Beto O'Rourke supporters from Lakeway, told KTBC-TV they received an anonymous letter dripping with "pure hate and venom" for showing support for the Democratic challenger to Gov. Greg Abbott with campaign signs on their lawn.

"Once I found out it only came to us," Andrew said, "it was disturbing."

The letter smeared them as "an enemy of the state of Texas" and called them socialists, and made threats for supporting abortion and young people dying from drug overdoses.

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"We also now know that you don’t believe in the Second Amendment and don’t have a gun to protect yourself and your family so you will not be able to protect yourselves," the letter states. "Don’t worry, there are lots of your neighbors that do believe in the Second Amendment and will decide if they want to help you or not if there is an issue."

"I am sure that the Lakeway Police Department will be happy to help someone who supports cutting their budget and who supports a candidate that wants to abolish the police and have criminals roam the streets," the letter adds. "We have given your name and address to a list of organizations that are shipping illegal immigrants...to people's houses. Your house will be used as a 'safe house' where illegals will be dropped off for you to house. Some...might be drug mules or sex offenders."

The letter was signed, "your Lakeway neighbors," and the couple said they believe it was intended to intimidate them.

"I feel that they’re trying to scare us away, and to leave," said Olivia, who said they'd previously had political signs removed from their lawn but never anything as alarming as the letter. "This feels a lot different. It’s escalating."