'This man loves retaliation': Ex-Trump staffer 'genuinely afraid' of possible second term

"The View" co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin worked for Donald Trump, and she's "genuinely afraid" of him serving a second term as president.

Griffin served as White House director of strategic communications under the former president, and she told her co-hosts that Trump would likely spend his next term exacting revenge from all his enemies if he made it back into power.

"To be completely honest," Griffin said, "I'm genuinely afraid of him. I think to underscore that, as someone who once worked for him, knows him personally, I fear him being in office. This is a man who loves retaliation. This is a man, I sat in the Oval Office and once said, it was after it was leaked to the New York Times that he was taken to the bunker during the social justice protests in summer 2020. He said, 'The person who did that should be executed -- this is treason.' This is a person who will weaponize any power that he has to go after anyone that has slighted him and has done something against him."

"He's more dangerous in a second term, God forbid," she added. "In his first term, his worst instincts were usually stifled by people being, like, 'You've got to win a second term, you've got to win a second term.' The second term, all bets are off -- he'll do whatever he wants."

Panelists Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin agreed the various investigations into Trump would eventually lead to consequences and dim his political fortunes, but Griffin wasn't so sure.

"That's why I don't my party, after seven years we're still engaging in this exercise," Griffin said. "He's going to burn the GOP to the ground."

Watch the video at this link.

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