Trump White House lawyer: Indictment is 'imminent'
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Former President Donald Trump is facing the increased likelihood of indictment over his hush payments to former adult film star Stormy Daniels, at the very least as a misdemeanor falsified business record and possibly as felony campaign finance fraud.

Speaking to CNN's Erin Burnett on Tuesday, former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb said he thinks it's very likely at this point.

"We talked so much about all of the legal troubles that the possible indictments that the former president may be facing," said Burnett. "As you see, Trump and his lawyer there ramping up public attacks on this specific case. Where do you think we are? Do you think an indictment is imminent for Donald Trump here?"

"I do think an indictment is imminent based on the recent reporting and the grand jury activity," said Cobb. However, he continued, "I'm not sure this is the best case to lead with. I'm not sure it will have that great an impact on him. But yes, I do — I do hear the president and [Trump attorney] Joe [Tacopina] talking about the president as the alleged victim here, and that's — that's Trump at his best."

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An indictment in the New York case is unlikely to change the trajectory of Trump's 2024 campaign much, said Cobb — but federal indictments that may soon follow very well could.

"I don't believe that this case, or even the Georgia case, however that turns out, whether charges are brought, whether they include him, will deter him from his run," said Cobb. "I'm not sure either would have a lot of impact as the — as the consequences certainly the New York case, while a little bit hard to estimate, don't appear to be very serious. I think it's highly unlikely, you know, he could go to jail in connection with contemplated charges in New York. I do think when the federal government comes forward with what I believe will be an indictment over the obstruction of the January 6 proceeding involving Vice President Pence, and quite likely a defrauding the United States charge as well, I do think that will have political consequences for him. It will freeze his donors. You know, there are many passionate supporters out there and people willing to ride with him for a while. But at that point, he'll be asking for so much money that there will be a lot of checks and balances on the donor side I think will halt his ability to raise funds."

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Ty Cobb says Trump indictment is "imminent"