Election-denier Tina Peters raises $256K for recount in election where she came in third
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According to a report from the Washington Post, former Colorado county clerk Tina Peters has raised enough donations to pay the $256,000 fee to pay for a recount after coming in third in a recent primary election.

Peters, who was indicted by a grand jury in March on ten counts, including breaching the security of Mesa County elections systems, has been a major proponent of claiming that Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election due to fraud.

Her legal woes and election conspiracy mongering didn't keep her from running for her position again where she came in a distant third to winner Pam Anderson, who received 43 percent of the vote to Peters' 28.3 percent.

Following her election loss, Peters proclaimed, "We didn’t lose, we just found evidence of more fraud … they’re cheating and we’ll prove it once again.”

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Making good on her threat to contest the election results, the former county employee raised the needed $256K needed for the secretary of state to order a recount, with Peters claiming she raised the money legally "from individual donors who complied with the state’s $1,250 political contribution limit."

Peters was late coming up with the money, with the election having been certified on Monday, but the secretary of state is allowing the ballots to be recounted by machine by Aug. 4 providing the fee is paid before then.

The report adds, "A judge prohibited Peters from overseeing last year’s and this year’s local elections in Mesa County, a western region of the state that is largely rural and heavily Republican," adding, "Trump won it in the 2020 presidential election with nearly 63% of the vote. President Joe Biden won Colorado overall with 55.4% of the state’s vote."