trucker convoy pulled over by police
Photo: Screen capture

After a few failed attempts, the trucker convoy protesting COVID-19 lockdowns is back in the Washington, D.C. area. They began with a Monday protest before a climate change protest that garnered significantly more attention.

The previous groups ended up leaving the area after infighting turned their efforts into one big battle in a parking lot. Questions also surfaced about where the millions of dollars donated went.

The first time they tried to shut down Washington, D.C. ended in March 2022, and by the close, they were leaving in defeat. The second attempt lasted only a few days at the end of May 2022. This time they were evicted from the Hagerstown Speedway, which they were using as a staging ground. The group declared victory and left before Memorial Day weekend.

By Independence Day, they were back again, this time with new branding, calling themselves the 1776 Restoration Movement. They have monogrammed hats, videos show.

The Washington, D.C. Beltway is notorious for being among the worst possible traffic time-sucks in the U.S. Each time the truckers attempted to shut down the Beltway, they quickly learned that the Beltway doesn't need any help becoming a traffic nightmare. On a holiday, however, rush hour traffic on the Beltway is quiet and there's not much to obstruct. It wasn't until the climate change protesters shut down the lanes on the inner loop that people began asking if it was the convoy.

At one point, a video shows that a police officer stopped the group to ask some questions.

Traveling on the highway isn't a problem, but driving into the city can be. Washington, D.C. has very old and narrow streets, so heavy semi-trucks with trailers are only allowed on certain roads within city limits. Law enforcement had to use salt and sand trucks to block off-ramps to ensure that the semi-trucks with trailers couldn't come into the city unless it was verified they had a delivery. Other vehicles or semi-trucks without trailers were allowed, however.

In the video, the officer asks the men for their driver's licenses, and one man says he doesn't have his. So, the officer lets them all go. A driver can be ticketed in Maryland for failure to produce a license if the driver doesn't have the license on them.

Last week one of the leaders pledged they the group would shut down the Beltway, but it appears they've failed in the effort thus far.

See the video below: