Top Republican blows up hopes for another Trump: We're 'looking for candidates that are electable'
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Firing back at allies of Donald Trump who have been critical of Republicans who did not defend the ex-president no matter what the accusation, Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) criticized the wave of censures aimed at the dissident GOPers and said the party needs to move on.

In an interview this week, Thune -- who has previously drawn Trump's ire -- said Trump-aligned conservatives are engaging in "cancel culture" by censuring Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach the president over his part in the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6th, reports the Journal-Times.

Thune -- who voted to acquit Trump of inciting an insurrection -- stated there were good reasons for some of his GOP colleagues to differ with him on his decision.

"There was a strong case made," Thune said of the articles of impeachment. "People could come to different conclusions. If we're going to criticize the media and the left for cancel culture, we can't be doing that ourselves."

Acknowledging there is a rabid Trump-wing in the party, he also stated that Trump-like potential candidates may not be welcome as he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) try to reclaim the Senate as well as the White House.

"At the grassroots level, there's a lot of people who want to see Trump-like candidates," he said. "But I think we're going to be looking for candidates that are electable."

The Journal-Times adds, "Thune suggested he would be taking steps to assist candidates 'who don't go off and talk about conspiracies and that sort of thing.' He praised Rep. Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican, who was censured by the Wyoming GOP for voting to impeach Trump, for doing an 'exceptional job on most issues' and said he was ready to jump into primary battles like the one she is sure to face."

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