Here's why Democrats are holding their fire as Trump's world falls apart after the Mar-a-Lago search
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During a panel discussion on CNN's "Inside Politics" on Sunday morning, it was noted that Democratic lawmakers are remaining, for the most part, very subdued in their attacks on Donald Trump in light of his burgeoning legal problems after the Department of Justice sent FBI agents armed with a warrant to his Mar-a-Lago resort.

With the walls closing in on the former president as he faces DOJ scrutiny, a House select committee investigation, multiple civil cases in New York City, and a special grand jury in Georgia looking into election tampering, CNN host Phil Mattingly asked the Washington Post's Leigh Ann Caldwell why Democrats aren't piling on.

"You are very well-sourced on the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill," the host prompted. "I have been kind of interested to watch how Democrats have responded to date on this. It's been a little more cautious and I think they think it's damaging and not a good thing in any way, shape or form."

"But you haven't seen the kind of jump-all-in, he's going to jail, when are they going to be marching him out of Bedminster or wherever he is at this time? Why?" he asked.

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"Well, they have held back because, first of all, they were also taken by surprise with this," Caldwell replied. "No one knows all the facts yet. We have a lot more information now than we did last Monday when this [the Mar-a-Lago search] happened. But throughout this process, Democrats also know [Attorney General] Merrick Garland very well. They know how thorough he is and they have trust in him and the Department of Justice."

"So they are just going to see what happens because they also think the Republicans are overreaching by far here," she elaborated. "They jumped to conclusions so quickly after this search was announced on Monday night and they think Republicans are kind of sowing their own seeds and could regret a lot of their statements depending on what moves forward."

"And, as far as Donald Trump is concerned, Democrats still think Donald Trump is the best Republican nominee for Democrats to run against. They think he is politically weak, not only with Democrats but with moderate and independent voters as well," she added.

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