trump rally and george conway

Anti-Trump conservative lawyer George Conway joined former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance on MSNBC Monday to discuss former President Donald Trump's admission that he wanted Vice President Mike Pence to "overturn" the results of the 2020 election.

"Every so often, when it comes to his bad intent, he tells the truth," Conway told CNN Monday morning. "He wanted to end constitutional democracy in the United States. And he's just out and out admitting it now."

When speaking to MSNBC, Conway noted that not only is Trump saying the quiet part out loud, he's providing evidence to prosecutors as to intent and motive behind his actions as well as admitting to crimes themselves.

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"What he did over the weekend was kind of a trifecta going to his intent," Conway explained. "By offering pardons or suggestions -- to pardon the people who committed violent acts on Jan. 6, he's demonstrating again that he proved the actions were consistent with the reports that he was watching with glee and it adds to the case that he was actually intending to foment violence that day. His statements that he tried to fix the election and that he was trying to get [Mike] Pence to overturn the election, go to the intent there about what he was trying to do, which goes to the corrupt way that he was acting, with a corrupt motive to try to interfere with a congressional proceeding."

Conway went on to explain that Trump proved it was his motive, to use threats of violence or to incite violence to coerce government officials to side-step the law and place him in as the president even though he lost.

Vance said that there has been enough "bending over backward to give the former president the benefit of the doubt." Over the weekend, Trump made a direct threat to the cities he cited in the Saturday speech.

Trump "doesn't play games when it comes to his intent," she also explained. "And this is all about what his intent was, whether it is the element that prosecutors have to prove to tie him up to the insurrection or what he intends to do going forward. He has made very clear statements. This is a man who asks people to violently protest from his own rally. This is not a call from the former president for peaceful protest. This is a call from the former president for more of the same. There have been no consequences, at least for him personally for Jan. 6. As long as there are no consequences, he will feel free to continue on that same trajectory."

In the days that followed the riots, Trump delivered a speech that MSNBC host Chris Hayes described as a typical politician speech saying that it was wrong to enact violence.

Now, Trump is making it clear that he wants more of it.

"That is what he is doing!" Conway agreed. "He is saying that Nov. 3 was the real insurrection. He is praising the people, as he initially wanted to do. He is praising the people who did what they did on Jan. 6. He is back to the mode that he expressed that day when he said, this is what happens when a free and fair election is stolen. He wanted these people to do what they did. And they did what they thought he wanted them to do. That is what they are telling courts when they're getting sentenced."

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Trump provided intent for all of the crimes and the motive behind