Trump is angry at Melania and 'she doesn't care': former spokesperson
President Donald Trump and the alleged 'fake Melania' Trump (Twitter)

Donald Trump's former White House communications director and first lady chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, spoke to Alex Witt on MSNBC Sunday about the former president's anger over the 2022 midterm elections.

Among those Trump is blaming for the Republican failures is his wife, Melania, who generally tries to stay out of politics entirely. The New York Times reported this week that the president is raging at anyone and everyone, including his wife along with Sean Hannity and casino mogul Steve Winn.

Grisham explained that she has seen the "movie" several times where Trump is losing his mind, isolated and mean-spirited about his rivals, as reporter Robert Costa described in a recent report. The inner circle then ultimately ends up turning on each other to blame others for his failures.

"Well, I don't know if you saw, he did tweet out that none of that was true," said Grisham. "I suspect she insisted he do that. Yeah, she does advise him. I'd have to say, by and large, she has some pretty good instincts. She is the person who, I think, the country should thank for Pence. She is the person who pushed Pence as the VP on the Trump ticket. So, you know, I'm sure that Sean Hannity probably really wanted Oz, and I'm sure Melania probably said, you know, listen to Sean, you never go wrong when you listen to Sean. And it did not surprise me that he's privately angry with her. But, you know, she does not care, I can tell you that right now. She does not get really involved. She knows who she is, and she does not really care, other than the bad headlines about her."

Grisham also said that as someone from Arizona she was really proud of the state for rejecting MAGA Republicans. She noted that over and over she's seen Republicans claim that they're "done" with MAGA policies and Trumpism, but then ultimately, they come crawling back.

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