Rudy Giuliani asked Michigan prosecutor to seize voting machines and hand them over: report
Rudy Giuliani on his podcast (screengrab).

Donald Trump's legal advisers, including Rudy Giuliani, asked a Republican prosecutor in Michigan to seize his county's voting machine and turn them over to the former president.

Antrim County prosecutor James Rossiter told the Washington Post that Giuliani and his colleagues made the request after the county misreported its election results due to a clerical error that was quickly corrected but continues to fuel conspiracy theories about Trump's election loss.

“I never expected in my life I’d get a call like this,” Rossiter said.

The prosecutor said he refused because he lacked sufficient grounds to seize the machines as evidence, and he could not have released them to outsiders or anyone with an interest in the matter.

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“I said, ‘I can’t just say: give them here,’" Rossiter said. "We don’t have that magical power to just demand things as prosecutors. You need probable cause.”

The call, which came around Nov. 20, 2020, was part of an effort by Trump's legal team in Antrim County that hyped the quickly corrected clerical error as evidence of vast conspiracy to steal the election, but a review commissioned by state officials blamed the mistake on a failure by local officials to properly update machines that scan and count paper ballots.

A hand recount later confirmed that Trump had, in fact, beaten Joe Biden by more than 3,000 votes in the Republican stronghold, but Trump allies continued to challenge the results and produced a 23-page report that state officials later determined to be false and critically flawed.

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