Legal analyst serves notice to Trump attorneys their client is putting them on the verge of 'disciplinary action'
Donald Trump (Photo by Nicholas kamm for SAFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, civil rights attorney Charles Coleman suggested that Donald Trump's demand that his attorneys aggressively push back at the Department of Justice investigation into stolen documents at Mar-a-Lago could do substantial damage to their careers.

Reacting to a report in the Washington Post that the Trump legal team is battling amongst themselves over strategy as their client faces possible Espionage Act and obstruction charges, MSNBC host Alex Witt wondered if the lawyers could be putting themselves in legal jeopardy by doing his bidding.

"Should Donald Trump be concerned about the legal culpability of his attorneys in this Mar-a-Lago case?" she prompted

"Alex, this comes as very little surprise," Coleman replied. "To answer your question, he should, but he does not. We have seen from Donald Trump repeatedly that he has no regard for the professional ethics of the attorneys that are supposed to be representing him."

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"He does not care much about whether they end up facing disciplinary action for what it is that he asked them to do as his representative and his proxy in the court," he added.

"So, while Donald Trump normally should be concerned about the positions that he's putting his attorneys in, ultimately, this is their responsibility," he elaborated. "When they neglect that responsibility as [Trump attorney] Mr. Kise warned them of, they face disciplinary action by different bar admissions boards and entities that are able to sanction them and impact their professional licensure."

"So, ultimately, this is something that they need to be paying attention to and, if Donald Trump is asking them to do things or putting them in positions that they should not be as attorneys, it's up to them to say 'no' and push back," he added.

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