Trump's 'generally impotent' corporate boycotts have been historic flops: report

Former President Donald Trump called for a boycott of Coca-Cola earlier this week, but a photograph posted by former aide Stephen Miller showed that Trump couldn't even maintain his boycott of his beloved Diet Coke for more than a day.

As an analysis by the Washington Post's Philip Bump makes clear, this is far from the first Trump-led boycott to end before it really ever began, and he described the former president's efforts to get fans to boycott corporations that have angered him as "generally impotent."

One problem identified by Bump is that Trump's boycotts have been "spasmodic" and even he seems to forget about them shortly after he calls for them to go into effect.

"As any organizer can tell you, boycotts don't work simply by calling for them to happen," he writes. "They work only when there's repeated pressure for the boycotts to be upheld, a slow, tedious process that depends on the public seeing a real motive for the boycott and that depends on a willingness to do without the product."

Bump then argues that Major League Baseball likely knows it has little to fear from a Trump boycott after watching his past attacks on the National Football League fail to bring that league to its knees.

Read the whole analysis here.